Trending: Agronomy News Roundup, October 10, 2017

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Recent agronomic articles of interest selected by the editors of AGCO’s Performance Agronomy. By Marilyn Cummins

Are we at a tipping point with weed control?
A crop science ecologist and an economist consider the possibility that we’ve reached a critical tipping point in our ability to control agricultural weeds with the herbicides currently on the market. READ MORE >

Managing nitrogen to reduce losses as nitrous oxide
Fertilizer management strategies can be used to minimize both direct and indirect loss of nitrogen as nitrous oxide while increasing the availability of fertilizer N for crop growth. READ MORE >

Here’s what the latest research says about micronutrients
Though they may seem inconsequential in the big picture, micronutrients can significantly affect crop yields if they’re deficient in the plant. Here’s a guide to the ones that are essential to plant growth and development. READ MORE >

Ear rot diseases developing in some Nebraska corn fields
Common ear rot diseases are starting to show up, so scout prior to harvest, especially in corn fields that have been damaged or subject to water extremes. UNL provides descriptions and photos of several ear rot diseases. READ MORE >

Fall marestail (horseweed) management
For this weed that’s super tough to control in no-till soybeans, Iowa State recommends fall herbicide applications to keep marestail from getting too large to control in the spring. READ MORE >

Photo: Elena Elisseeva

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