Trending: Agronomy News Roundup, August 1, 2017

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Recent agronomic articles of interest selected by the editors of AGCO’s Performance Agronomy. By Marilyn Cummins

Why drones may become as important to Iowa farmers as tractors
A growing number of farmers say drones are helping them assess the performance of vast acres of crops throughout the growing season. Enthusiasts expect the machines eventually could be the next technological leap for farms. READ MORE>

Ag industry, do we have a problem yet?
Regarding off-target movement of dicamba, University of Missouri weed scientist Kevin Bradley compiles damage reports and estimates from several Midwestern states and poses the question in the headline. What’s your take? READ MORE>

Assessing the success or failure of pollination in corn
Two techniques to assess pollination in corn can help you decide if uneven development from saturated soil conditions impact pollination and thereby affect yield. READ MORE>

Estimating soybean leaf defoliation
Several insect pests are making a meal of soybean leaves, and treatment is recommended if defoliation levels exceed 20% and insects are present. See this recommended sampling procedure to estimate defoliation. READ MORE>

Adjusting fertilizers vital in claypan ag soils
Claypan soils—those with a clay-rich layer beneath a layer of loose topsoil—can be a challenge. New research suggests that shallow claypans may need less potassium but more phosphorus than generally recommended. READ MORE>

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