Singulation Study

Singulation Study
We modified seed disks to create doubles and skips in side-by-side plots. This created an average of 91.4% spacing accuracy vs. the control at 99.3%. Seed singulation ultimately impacts plant-to-plant spacing.

Bushels per acre vs. Singulation (doubles and skips)Results:

Across six sites*, there was an eight bushel per acre yield advantage due to a 7.9% improvement in seed singulation accuracy.

In 2016, White PlantersTM 9800VE series planters that were part of Crop Tour planted over 6000 acres of corn and averaged 99.6% singulation accuracy.

Equipment Solution:

White Planters VE series equipped with Vset meters and Vdrive.


$32 per acre improvement in pro tability.** Consider trade difference and number of acres of corn grown to calculate acres required to pay for improved accuracy.

Singulation Study White-planter Programming Modification
Singulation Study White Planter-programming Modification Results


Download the Study White Paper


* Summary Data from six crop tour sites: Galva, IL; Edgewood, IA; Amboy, IN; New Ulm, MN; Jackson, MN; Estelline, SD
** Assumes eight bushel per acre yield advantage at $4/bushel

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