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Sunflower field cultivators
Sunflower field cultivators feature superior engineering and rugged construction that withstand the test of time. A prime example of this superiority is the A-frame tongue design, which adds tremendous support to the center-section frame to withstand the rotational forces generated by the heavy point load shanks and the combined weight of multi-section tools when folded for transport. Each leg of the A-frame tongue extends deep under the center-section frame, supporting it from the tractor drawbar to the lift axles.


Sunflower Field Cultivators: Single-Point Depth ControlSingle-Point Depth Control

Single-point depth control, featured on all models, is conveniently located for easy adjustments and offers accuracy up to 1/4 inch. On models 30 feet and larger, the adjustment is located on the mainframe left of the tongue. On smaller units, it’s near the front of the tongue.

Featured on all series models. 5056 control shown.

Sunflower Field Cultivators: Sweep-Depth GaugeSweep-Depth Gauge

Standard equipment on the 5056 series, this easy-to-read gauge helps set the depth of operation of the tool.

Featured on 5056 models only.


Sunflower Field Cultivators: Spring-Cushion ShanksSpring-Cushion Shanks

With 25 inches of under-frame clearance, the 5/8-inch-thick, 190 lb. point-load shanks on a five-bar cultivator placement provide optimum trash flow.

Available on all series models.


S-Tine Shanks

S-tine 160 lb. point-load shanks are also available if rocks and stones are not present and the heavier spring-tension shanks are not necessary.

Available on all series models.

Sunflower Field Cultivators: Maintenance-Free UHMWMaintenance-Free UHMW

Sunflower field cultivators are equipped with maintenance-free lift and wing pivot systems that use service-free UHMW polymer bearings.

Featured on all series models.

Sunflower Field Cultivators: Frame-Leveling AdjustmentFrame-Leveling Adjustment

Screw adjustment on the wheels provides precise wing-frame leveling and is located above and to the front of the frame for optimum operator convenience.

Featured on all series models.

Sunflower Field Cultivators: Walking TandemsWalking Tandems

Walking tandems are standard on all sections, enabling the machine to follow the ground contour precisely, maintaining a more consistent sweep depth. The tandem beam pivots on a set of greaseable tapered roller bearings for smooth, long-lasting service. Zerk-equipped, six-bolt hubs and heavy-duty large-diameter slip-in spindles feature triple-lip seals.

Featured on all series models.



Working widths from 18’ 6” to 36’ 6”

Heavy construction, outstanding clearance and superb flotation.

The 5035 field cultivator’s 3 x 4-inch rectangular tube frame provides the strength today’s high-horsepower tractors require, and Sunflower’s computer design features optimum shank placement for unmatched clearance. The model 5035 features single-point depth control with rephasing lift cylinders, all covered under our limited three-year warranty. Shanks are available in either spring-tension or S-tine design and offer up to 190 of point load for extra tough conditions. Walking tandems and 9.5L tires provide the flotation farmers require of a field cultivator, and the self-leveling hitch maintains a level frame from front to rear, regardless of operating depth.


Working widths from 36’ 6” to 42’ 6”

Operates as the three-section tool, folds like a five.

Sunflower offers the 5135 field cultivator in a split-wing configuration. The 5135 split-wing series features a patented three-section design with a reduced overall folded height. As a result, a 36-to-42-foot three-section field cultivator can be transported with a maximum overall transport height of 13 feet, 6 inches.


Working widths from 45’ to 63”

Sunflower Field Cultivators: 5056 - Outstanding ground clearance and superb flotation.

Outstanding ground clearance and superb flotation.

The truss-style frame on the 5056 provides the strength required by today’s high-horsepower tractors. The computer-aided design, utilizing Finite Element Analysis, ensures the product will stand up to the stresses of difficult soil and terrain conditions. Deep frames and optimum shank placement account for unmatched residue flow through the tool. The single-point depth control, rephasing lift system, shanks with either spring-tension (190 lb. point load) or S-tine design (160 lb. point load) and heavy-duty walking tandems with large-diameter slip-in spindles are all covered by Sunflower’s three-year limited warranty. Choose between the standard self-leveling and the optional floating tongue (for hilly or undulating terrain) to maintain the same level operating position.

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