Crop Tour

Don’t Miss AGCO’s 2017 Crop Tour Events

Meet us at the intersection of equipment, plants, and soil and learn how AGCO® solutions create better, stronger plants and make customers more profitable.

2017 Crop Tour Events will:
• Showcase how the WHITE 9800VE pairs the industry leading Precision Planting Vacuum Metering System with the state of the art WHITE Row Unit for un-match performance.
• Match cultivation speeds and planting speeds to get optimum productivity.
• Test AGCO® solutions and our ability to provide the right tractor, cultivator and planter to bring increased agronomic value to your farm.

You don’t want to miss these informative events.

What’s the Crop Telling Us?

Crop Tour is a project in which we are gathering information throughout the growing season and demonstrating how different variables that farmers face every year can impact overall yield potential. We look forward to sharing the results of our findings along the way. Check out the articles below to learn more about the progress we’re seeing in locations from Georgia to Minnesota.

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